Typical Geotechnical Projects

  • Cellular System Build Outs (Pacific Northwest)

Adapt personnel have been involved in geotechnical studies on thousands of cellular monopole, lattice and guyed towers in major buildouts for all telecommunication companies located in the Pacific Northwest.

  • Residential/Commercial Development

Provided field, design, and construction services for numerous residential subdivisions and commercial developments for major roadways, subdivision, and infrastructure facilities (water tanks, trunk sewers, lift stations, storm water detention ponds). Projects have included deep utilities with extensive construction dewatering detention pond design, retaining wall and rockery design, infiltration testing, recommendations for road way design, foundation recommendations, pavement section design, routine construction testing, evaluation of slope stability and erosion potential, work is ongoing. (Washington and Oregon)

  • Various Urban Redevelopment Multistory Combined Retail and Residential Projects

Provided field, design, and construction services for numerous multistory redevelopment projects in Seattle. Geotechnical services often combined with environmental clean up of site during development to reduce construction costs and timing.

Special Geotechnical Projects

  • Manitoba Class Action Lawsuit:

Providing on-going expert witness services for the Department of Justice-Canada for a $400 million class-action lawsuit along the Red River in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The on-going litigation has extended over 8-years and involves numerous private residences sited on the banks of the Red River, where active landsliding is occurring during and after peak storms and flood events. The scope of services included: documentation of existing damages, direct and perform studies and research, review of historical and recent air photos of ongoing landslide events (100 years of archival history), present report and assist in developing defense strategy.

  • Index “Y” Landslide:

Erosion induced by high stream flows activated a major landslide along SR-2 in Snohomish County, Washington. The landslide scarp progressed upslope and involved the shoulder and one traffic lane. Completed landslide stability analyses and prepared design recommendations and cost estimates for landslide stabilization alternatives.

  • Pierce County Surface Water Utility:

Performed field investigations, completed slope stability analyses, and prepared repair recommendations for two steeply incised drainages along Puget Sound. The sites were located in Gig Harbor and on Anderson Island. The maximum vertical relief was approximately 150 to 180 feet. The repairs included riprap placement (by helicopter) and the construction of HDPE outfalls and energy dissipater structures at Sound level. Recommendations also included the construction of a toe buttress fill to reduce the risk of further slope instability of the hillside.

  • Centralia Water Reservoir Failure:

Investigated the failure of two concrete-lined water reservoirs in Centralia, Washington. Deep-seated slope stability failure led to the catastrophic failure of the 8-million gallon reservoirs, and flooding and damage to portions of the townsite. Completed a causal determination, and provided foundation recommendations and siting criteria for the 4.5-million gallon precast concrete replacement reservoir.