K. V. Lew, P.Eng., President
KV designed , implemented and managed a variety of civil, geotechnical and environmental projects in Canada, the U.S., Malaysia and Antarctica including the remedial investigation, engineering and implementation of environmental cleanup technologies.

KV conducted geotechnical investigations and recommendations for thousands of communication tower foundations and anchorage systems for Western Canada and Pacific Northwest telecommunications companies

KV conducted geotechnical investigations and provided recommendations for many industrial, commercial and residential buildings, arenas, service stations, bridges, airport hangers, sewage lagoons and storage tanks.

Daryl S. Petrarca, L.H.G., Principal
Managed investigations and the application of environmental characterization methodologies to help  evaluate potential environmental liabilities associated with property undergoing transfer actions.  Performed Phase I , II and III remediation projects  for industrial, commercial and residential properties including railroad properties, oil company facilities, schools, municipal facilities and marinas.  Designed and implemented offshore sediment sampling and chemical analysis including acting as a liaison between the marina, The Corps of Engineers and Washington State Department of Ecology.  Mr. Petrarca has served as technical advisor to the Skykomish Environmental Coalition since 1996 during the continuing multimillion dollar clean up of the BNSF/ Skykomish site.

Adam Escalona
Adam has performed and managed Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments since 1990 and has been involved with every aspect of these types of projects including data gathering and analysis, site reconnaissance, and report writing. Adam has been an EPA AHERA Accredited Asbestos Building Inspector since 1990 and has experience monitoring asbestos abatement projects since 1989. Adam has conducted and managed National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) reviews for communications facilities since the late 1990s.

John Bhend
Mr. Bhend has over twelve years of experience as an environmental consultant, with over six years of experience in the Puget Sound area. He has a background in managing and performing Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments, petroleum underground storage tank (UST) closure assessments, and asbestos surveys. He also has experience in managing and performing contaminant remediation feasibility studies, remedial excavation, and site cleanup. In addition, he has served as liaison between the client and regulatory community associated with negotiated monitoring and cleanup actions.

Craig Brown, PhD
Since earning the PhD degree in physical chemistry, Dr. Brown has worked in fundamental research, electronic product research and development, environmental chemistry, aluminum smelting research, and environmental consulting. He has been Principal Investigator in several projects funded by the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy. This background gives him a broad perspective for assessing processes and facilities for environmental concerns. Dr. Brown began performing Phase I and Phase II Environmental Assessments in May 2005. He has completed over 250 such assessment reports for commercial and residential properties, including cellular tower sites, manufacturing facilities, private schools, churches, office buildings, retail facilities, apartment complexes, and undeveloped land.